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Problems and Solutions

Torahtimes is about using the vast literature of the Torah for our times. I studied intensely under the greatest rabbis of the past generation, Rabbi Aharon Kotler of Lakewood, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein of Tiferes Yerushalim, the greatest Halacha authority of his time, and Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashev, the great expert in Gittin and Halacha among others. I have a special rebbe or rabbi in this world and the next, Rabbi Dr. Shmuel Toledano of Jerusalem, may he rest in peace. He taught me a lot and inspired me a lot and encouraged me a lot. I owe him very much.

If we can establish contact with people who are interested in the Torah’s teachings for our time, based on ancient Torah concepts, many people will be interested.

I have a blog torahhalacha.blogspot.com which has almost three thousand viewers a month. We are mainly interested in marriage, divorce, and problems with family.